Congratulations to all of our members who have joined us on the 28 Day Challenge.

We are coming in to the last week of the Challenge and a lot of you have been asking the question “How do we transition back into our everyday eating patterns”.

Ask yourself “How did you feel this month, did you feel better, perform better, gain muscle, lose weight, have more energy” the list goes on…. If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you have found a more optimal way of eating.

Our whole life we are rewarded with “Treats” for good behaviour, for a hard day, for stress or for comfort. So often these “treats” come in the form of sugar or processed foods. These ingrained patterns have developed over time and will take time to undo.

Cheat meals and Treats often have a negative connotation. We eat these “Treats” and then we feel guilty. Instead, we need to try and be conscious and mindful of what we eat. If your going to have something sweet enjoy it and move on. Sugar is highly addictive the more you have it the more you crave. There is a physical response too, the cleaner you eat the worse a “Treat” makes you feel. So where is the reward?

This leads us to the question. What is your reward?

Is your reward being a sweet a temporary “treat” OR getting stronger, faster and healthier. Focusing on the big picture of your health instead of the short term instant gratification.

The 28 Day challenge is the first step to developing healthier habits around food. It is about taking a closer look at your nutrition, finding balance and making it a Lifestyle.

This is the reason “Diets” don’t work. Temporary changes give temporary results. This is the same for the 28 Day Challenge if you leave it at 28 Days and go back to your old habits, all of your hard work will disappear. Remember you can’t out train a bad diet!