Be One Percent Better
If we all strive to be 1% better every day we would be 365% better in a year. 
It is sometimes difficult to see our own progressions and wins. As coaches, we have the opportunity to see these changes first hand. We are continually amazed and impressed with our clients successes and achievements. Whether it is getting a first strict pull up to hitting a PR on a snatch. 
Often we set goals for ourselves and we set the bar really high. It is great to have big goals but we also need to enjoy the process of training and focus on the progressions then you will reach your goals.
As many of you know Turner and I went to the CrossFit Gymnastics course this past weekend. The one thing I love about CrossFit is their highly skilled instructors delivering great courses. This course did not disappoint! Our instructor Pamela Gagnon is an ex national level gymnast as well as a Masters CrossFit Games athlete. She is a specialist in gymnastics but also can relate all the gymnastic movements to CrossFit. 
We both walked away from the course inspired and excited to share all the new skills and drills we learned over the weekend with our members. We are constantly striving to provide the best coaching to help our members get stronger and reach their goals. A big point we walked away with this weekend is the idea that we need to “learn it to earn it”. The emphasis on the course is to be able to perform strict versions of all gymnastic movements before moving on to the more dynamic movements. If you can perform a strict movement you will build strength and avoid the risk injury. 
Often we want to progress to the bigger more exiting dynamic movements of the kip before we have the strength and skill needed to perform the strict movement. I have fallen into this trap myself! If we can take a step back and build the building blocks of our strength the big movements will come. We need to enjoy the process of building strength, learning the movements correctly and then we will earn the big progressions!
The reason why we make it measurable, observable and repeatable is so you see your improvements. A 1 second improvement or a 1 pound increase is just as much a success as a 10 second or 10 pound improvement. They are all improvements! If you were to make a 1 pound increase every week this is a 52 pound increase over the year! Even if you are not improving weights and times but are suddenly able to do an unbroken set or 1 more rep than you used to, this is your 1%! We need to celebrate all of our successes and improvements which lead to the bigger picture of getting Fitter, Stronger and Healthier.