Fantastic! I can not say enough good about Crossfit Revelstoke and Turner and Steph’s coaching! I considered my self fairly fit before I joined Crossfit. The change however has been nothing short of amazing. I have greater range of motion in all joints and hugely increased strength and stamina. I really appreciate the approach taken by Turner and Steph. They advocate good safe techniques and build a base strength before adding weights to prevent injury. It really feels like a personal approach. I also love the group dynamic and support created at crossfit. It feels very inclusive no matter what your fitness level. It’s fun! I would and do highly recommend Crossfit Revelstoke to everybody.

That’s a first go. You can take sound bites or paraphrase at will. I can do another version if you like… just let me know. I’m a fan. Thanks so much for starting a box in Revelstoke.

Cheers, Norm