Growing up, I never thought I was athletic – I was the girl sitting on the sidelines in gym class. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-20s that I realised how much I enjoyed mountain sports like trail running, mountain biking and downhill skiing. Even with these new active passions, I found that I was not getting much stronger – I became more aware of some of the instabilities and dysfunctions I had in my body. My ankles and knees were weak, I couldn’t do a sit up and I fatigued quickly. I was also finding that my metabolism was slowing making it hard to feel comfortable in my own skin and fit into my favourite jeans. That was when I decided to give something new a try – I found CrossFit Revelstoke. I started by taking their introduction “On Ramp” course. This was a great way for me to learn some of the basic movements with other beginners and gain confidence at this new athletic endeavour. Make no mistake, just because it is an introduction program doesn’t mean it’s easy. Every class got my heart pounding, reached muscles I never knew existed and challenged me both mentally and physically. After the 1 month “On Ramp” program I knew I could go ahead a sign up for the 6 month membership – I loved CrossFit! I have now been a member of this gym for 5 months and my progression surprises me daily. Through the well thought out “WODs” (workout of the day), Turner’s training has increased my cardiovascular strength so I no longer fatigue quickly, my ankles and knees no longer bother me and my core has never been stronger. My metabolism has been kicked into hard drive and now my favourite jeans are too big! Even more importantly, CrossFit has given me all round fitness so I am able to excel at the mountain sports I love and lower my risk of injury. Thank you CrossFit Revelstoke!