CrossFit Kids & Teens

Our CrossFit Kids program is all about having fun while developing a life long love of fitness.

Starting from 6 years old to 18. Our classes are all inclusive catering to all levels. By starting young we have the chance to develop and keep good movement patterns that will translate into whatever sport or discipline they choose to follow and reduce the risks of sport related injuries.

Our Fitness classes are Broad Inclusive and General which means that participants will become well rounded athletes who will be better at any and every sport they choose to play. The functional movements involved in our classes are fundamental to all things children do while they play – pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift and jump.

All movements are taught in a safe environment under the close supervision of a CrossFit Kids trainer.

We believe in teaching children that fitness is part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s not something that you HAVE to do, its something you WANT to do because you enjoy it! We want kids to create a lifelong positive association with fitness and the gym. To do this, we not only teach your children fundamental movements but we also encourage them to play, challenge themselves and participate in active games. They will work hard but they will have a great time while doing it!!!

CrossFit Kids is different every day and will catch your child’s attention.

• All workouts are fun scaleable and inclusive
• Improve sports performance
• Decrease risk of injuries
• Small classes with 2 Coaches

Little Legends

Ages 6-7

  • Playing games
  • Learning movements
  • Discipline and teamwork
  • Developing positive attitudes towards hard work while keeping it fun!!!
  • Combining body weight movements, gymnastic and introducing appropriate intensity.

Future Legends


  • Playing games
  • Learning more complex movements
  • Discipline and Teamwork
  • Developing Positive attitudes towards hard work while keeping it fun!!!
  • Combining body weight movements, gymnastic and introducing appropriate intensity.



These sessions are all inclusive and combine age appropriate weightlifting and gymnastics with high intensity training to deliver optimal fitness and performance. As well as to develop a life time love of Fitness.

Our Coaches emphasis is on proper technique throughout all of movements from weightlifting to gymnastics,developing sound mechanics, building consistency and finally adding intensity.

At these ages its important to recognize impact your actions have on our little legends. We want to empower these kids to realise that the others are looking up to them, and that there attitude is important.

Legends Athlete program


3X per week

This is the same as the Legends Program, but with more focus on building strength with emphasis on competitive objectives.

Young Athletes will be invited into this Program. For further information about the Legends Athlete Program and Eligibility please contact us.