Cricket anybody? and no i am not talking about white linens and grass lawns.

Recently i have come to the realisation that i have a series of allergies that have been affecting my health for the last 15years.

I have always been trying to put on weight and have never had any success. For years i have hoovered up anything that was put in front of me. Thinking the more the better.

But after being informed that going to the toilet 4-6 times a day wasn’t normal. I realised that i wasn’t processing any of the food and it was just going straight out again! I decided i needed to do something about it.

Its been 8 months since i went off Gluten. Gone are my favourite pasta dishes no more carbonara. But I still hit the dairy with a vengeance. Litres of full fat milk, french cheese yes please. But i realised that i was still getting the symptoms, bloated, gassy and fast dashes to the toilet!

So out went the dairy! Its been 7 months since i cut dairy. Now i don’t mind. My view is if i can’t process it then i shouldn’t have it. Its hard to miss something that makes you ill.Things were better but there was no weight gain,I was still getting funny symptoms, bloated randomly, no energy, and nausea in the morning.

After finding out that colitis and colon cancer runs very predominantly in my family I decided that i really should seek some professional help.

The Dr’s advice was to get a colonostopy. But in order to really check and work out my symptoms i would have to go back onto a diet of Gluten for 6 weeks. Now this didn’t mean busting out the baguette with every meal or having sides of grilled cheese before bed. It meant having one slice a day maybe every other for 6 weeks.

After the Dr telling me that we understand as much about the universe as we do about gut health he then advised me that there would be no issue of long term damage if i returned to this gluten diet for 6 weeks.

Now this didn’t make sense. Not that the prospect of making my self ill for 6 weeks didn’t fill me with joy. So after talking to other health professionals i was advised to carry on with what i was doing and  try a food exclusion diet.

So I started to work with Charity Elliot  from She used to work as a CrossFit coach and has been battling with her health for the last 10 years. After finally being diagnosed with Celiac disease she has turned her life and career into trying to help others with there dietary requirements…I feel i am in good hands!

Currently i am eating a diet consisting of Turkey, Chicken, Sweet potatoes, berries, spinach and coconut milk. Im eating so much of the stuff i feel I’m going to in a Kafka esque way turn into it! But truthfully I am feeling much better, however i don’t feel that I’m at the end of it I feel that i have just started the journey of truly finding out what works best for me.

Here comes the Cricket…

I don’t care what i eat. But i do care how it effects me and how it has been effected. In terms of protein how has the chicken lived. Cheek by jowl with another bird in such tiny cages they can’t move or living as it should outside in a field. Then we have the sticky situation of what feed has it been fed? How has that effected the animal and how does that effect me when i eat it?

I just want a clean source of protein that i can digest, a source of protein that i can feel happy with my choice of buying it not ashamed that i am contributing to a harmful industry thats values i  despise.

Now I’m not adverse to eating anything. When i was younger and working in China with my dad, who is vegetarian, I realised you can eat almost any food. Its how you cook it that makes it palatable and how your mind is set with accepting it. Dinning with Chinese hosts, sat at a massive round table, I would position myself in front of my Dad, the food would be passed from the left on a glass spinning wheel and the dishes would all go past me first, this meant i could nod to Dad and tell him that it was ok to eat… “All clear champ..”  I was the official taste tester. I loved trying all the new and intriguing foods and most importantly could tell him wether it was vegetarian or not without insulting or informing our hosts… It all went well until feeding Dad cow ligaments thinking it was seafood! I think he’s forgiven me!

But really what is the difference between eating somethings leg and eating its tongue, your still eating another animal, its just the tongue reminds you you are eating an animal, and modern consumers don’t want that.

So having come upon an article in the crossfit Journal  on Cricket protein, I was intrigued. I started reading up.

Thats when i came across Entomo Farms.

I found Cricket protein has 2 X the amount of protein in beef pound for pound, more calcium than milk all 9 essential Amino Acids and more iron than spinach. Thats just the start.

Then on to the environment it takes 292.5 gallons of water to raise 10g of protein from Beef compared to 7.5 gallons for the same 10g of Cricket Protein.

Now I am just scratching the surface with the stats on why to try Cricket protein and why it seems to me a better source than anything else. But there is also the fact that If i buy whole roasted Crickets I know exactly what im getting. Do you know what everything on the back of your protein tub is, have you ever considered it?


So after a quick decision  we decided to set off to the pet store, kids in tow! We bought 100 4 week old Crickets busted out the rubber maids, egg boxes, water dishes and a tray of earth for the cricket eggs.  Slapped on Youtube and google cricket farming and thus so began the Revelstoke Cricket farm!

One of the most exciting unrealised parts of this whole experiment is how the children are learning about food. Protein, fats, and the life cycle. If this really is the food of the future then i feel we are setting them up well.

Now every things set up we’ll keep you posted on the next part…Farming!


Turner Moyse